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January 03 2014

I'm so excited. I got a DIY kit of Whiteboard Paint for Christmas! This is not the cheap stuff either - it's the quality stuff from ReMARKable Coating. My husband splurged and got me a 200 sq ft. kit so I can do an entire wall, possibly all of the walls in my home office.

There's nothing I like more than a big whiteboard wall that frees my mind up to create, brainstorm and design a vision around where I'd like to go next with my business and my art.

I plan to take the first week in January to apply it and am super excited that the dry time is speedy - only a couple of days! So I'll be heading out to Staples tomorrow to grab a big pack of colored dry erase markers so I can go to town creating soon.

Have you thought about doing something amazingly creative and crazy like this for yourself? It's the New Year! Celebrate, go nuts and do something fun for you and your business.
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